Track Record

Over the past decade, Jeff has assisted many buyers in spotting undervalued properties and successfully negotiated an advantageous entry level for them. While most deals were transacted below valuation, here are some of the notable ones:

  • Apartment at West Coast Drive $905,888 (Valuation $1,050,000)
  • Apartment at Claymore Road $6,500,000 (Valuation $8,000,000)
  • Apartment at Spottiswoode Park Road $1,200,000 (Valuation $1,600,000)
  • Terrace house at Holland Grove $2,400,000 (Valuation $2,700,000)
  • Penthouse at Siglap $1,120,000 (Valuation $1,400,000)

As important as location is to a property, the entry price plays an extremely important role too as it determines your exit point. It takes time to research and spot opportunities, and the window is extremely short when a potential deal surfaces. So having a game plan is absolutely necessary.

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